LIVE Film Production

At LIVE Film, we specialize in combining our creative talent and state-of-the art equipment to artfully communicate your stories and ideas.
We offer a one-stop solution to your creative production needs, from conceptualization to post-production. Our productions include TVCs, corporate films, documentaries and feature films.

Creative development

Here at LIVE, creation begins with a synergy of ideas. Our work begins with creating concepts with our clients and key creative team at a very early stage, thus enabling us to come up with creative solutions that are both original and budget-efficient.


We pride ourselves in our ability to shoot outstanding films. The vast experience of our producers, writers, directors and technicians and our high-end equipment and network of resources allow us to tackle nearly any production challenge.

In need of fresh perspective,
or technical advice on a production project?

Our creative experts are also available for consultation services, offering insights and their extensive knowledge of the UAE film and production industry.

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